Welcome to the Shameless Society!

In a world filled with Karens and Human Resources Rep, we are here to teach everyone that it is never too late to passively-aggressively tell someone to go f#@k themselves.

Birthed in the slums of Newcastle NSW by our basic parent company; Giftware Direct. But after growing tired of their basic arse giftware, We decided to break free from them and branch out into the world of the giftware that is inappropriately obnoxious and downright Rude… They still pay our bills though.

So guess we better tell you more about our shit.
Providing the best quality products that we could be bothered to sourced; All engravings are completed by our chunky(Yet Funky) laser engraving machine, It’s pretty sweet to watch if you’re into that kinda shit.
Our Gifts are not for the faint-hearted, so if you are already offended then we would suggest keeping to the PG-rated section because It only gets worse from here.

We only get worse from here.

However you might be interested in checking out our Mum and Dad’s website, it is far more appropriate for the more common folk.
So be sure to Check out our range, You have so many options when it comes to exploring our site! Our products are divided into the following: Classification(like movies!), Occasion, and Products. So any idiot should be able to operate our page. If you are an idiot however, you can contact us via the details below.

You’re most likely get a response from us Monday to Friday during the hours of 8am- 4pm.
So don’t expect us to talk to you outside of those hours. We. Will. Not. Answer. Stalk us on our socials, Tag us in your shit and be sure to share the shit out of us!

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